Introducing high end luxury sofa set made of high quality teak wood, ultra comfortable foam, elegant fabric, beautiful symmetric carving and Italian PU finish. Our high end sofa collection includes Luxury European style sofa set, Royal French sofa set, Maharaja Sofa set , hand carving luxury Italian sofa set. Easy customization in color and upholstery.


Browse world-class carved antique Teak sofa set collection made of authentic teak wood at Royalzig. Beautiful natural color shades, impeccable carving, ultra-comfortable cushion work, and eye-catching upholstery make our antique sofa set worthy for the master living room. Select any, from available Italian style antique sofa set, luxury French-style sofa set, hand carving Maharaja antique sofa set, European style hand made antique sofa set, medieval sofa set furniture. Get free home delivery.


Introducing an elegant range of modern Teak wooden sofa set for luxury apartments. Thanks to our talented designer team for designing world class designer sofa set. Our Wooden sofa sets completely made of genuine teak wood. Buy online European style wooden sofa set , Scandinavian design sofa set & furniture , Luxury contemporary wooden sofa design and elevate aesthetic of your modern living room. 


Give your large living room a new beautiful dimension with our luxury corner sofa set. A corner sofa equipped with sleek curved back, harmonious clear carving and eco-friendly color will bring a cozy beauty to your home. Our carved luxury corner sofa sets made of teak wood are specially made with soft cushion so that you feel ultimate comfort. Some of our corner sofa sets are made in such a way that you can lie on them comfortably. Our Corner Sofa Set collection has a fully carved Corner Sofa Set and Modern Style Corner Sofa Set, you can contact our team for customization as per the space available in your house, our team can also visit your home As per requirement


Enhance the beauty of your guest space with our elegant and royal Arabic-style majlis sofa set, which is made of authentic teak wood, ultra-comfortable cushions, sleek and rich fabrics. Our Majlis sofa set is designed in a way that reflects the welcoming and cordial traditional Arab culture that also fits in trending interior design. impeccable harmonious carving, Eco-friendly paint, and beautiful upholstery work give our Arabic Majlis sofa set a royal look. Place an order for Royal Arabic Majlis sofa set online and get it to your home no matter if you live in India, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Hyderabad, USA, or the UK, we provide shipping all over the world. Let us know about customization you want in your luxury Arabic Majlis sofa set and get your dreamy majlis sofa design.


Diwan sofa furniture is also known as Divan Sofa or Chaise lounge couch is a commonly used long chair shaped upholstered sofa designs in a way to support leg for relaxing and lay down. In modern architecture and interior, a Divan is used in a living room along with a sofa set. We at royalzig understand the aesthetic and need of the luxury living room that is why we are offering luxury divan or chaise lounge sofa collection. Our Chaise lounge sofa collection includes Victorian-style chaise lounge sofa, Indian Divan sofa, carved Italian teak wood chaise lounge sofa, hand-carved antique french style chaise lounge sofa, Ottoman Antique Divan sofa.