Luxury Sofa

Luxury Sofa

Luxury Classic Furniture Italian Style Hand Carving Design By Royalzig

Classic Luxury Hand Carving Sofa Set Design By Royalzig Luxury Furniture

Luxury Classic Hand Carving Sofa Set Design By Royalzig Luxury Furniture. The Fusion of Classic Style Hand Carving Design into a Luxury Contemporary Shape and Comfort. A luxury Sofa With Traditional Look and Sophisticated Modern Furnishing.




Luxury and comfort is what must for a luxury sofa. Royalzig Luxury Furniture represents a Zaina Collection, a timeless beauty with elegance, Handcrafted with passion, designed to ensure maximum comfortability and royal elegance form all direction. A richly embroidered fabric full of artistic creations, charismatically conveys a sense of hospitality, attracts attention.



Maximum manifestation of sophisticated hand carving and luxury. The magnificent craft of furnishing combined with craftsmanship of master artisans are exhibition of class of traditional art and modern luxury. 

Perfectly carved leaves and flowers , attention to every single detail , royal gold leaf gorgeously gilded over carving motifs is excellent display of traditional art.







Maximum Comfort, flawless carving & top notch quality decoration , Crafted from high quality teak wood.

Customization that will bring every aspect of your imagination to reality, highly experienced designers to understand and deliver what exactly you want . The shape, color combinations, furnishing and size all that you ever imagined will be in front of you.

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Interested in exquisitely handcrafted luxury classic furniture. Researching, collecting information and writing about the luxury furniture production in a unique city known as wooden city "Saharanpur " in the lush green northern plains of India where master wood carving craftsmen creating exquisite hand carved luxury classic furniture. Sharing information about the design and style of luxury furniture, especially about the merits and creativity of handcrafted luxury furniture is what i love , my hobby.

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